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FOR YOU – 1/1/2014

How to avoid foreign exchange losses – the right currency hedging for SMEs and individuals...

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What would you do if you were suddenly unable to take care of things for yourself? We can help you arrange for power of attorney.

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FOR YOU – 1/1/2014

Information on privileged taxation for self-employed workers above the age of 55...

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FOR YOU – 01/01/2015

The new financial reporting law – compulsory from 2015.

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Dufour Treuhand AG is an independent member of

Our areas of expertise: 
Audits, companies operating on a national or international level, accounts, taxation, HR, company establishments & start-ups, medical and dental practices, senior citizens, property


Your obligations are our obligations.

  • Setting up accounts
  • Accountancy, tax-optimised annual accounts planning and advisory service
  • Debtor and creditor accounts
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Budgeting and financing concepts
  • Accounting at our premises or at yours
  • Financial reporting to OR, Swiss Gaap FER or IFRS
  • VAT returns
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We help you to optimise your tax affairs by combining your knowledge with our experience.

  • National & international tax law
  • Tax returns for private individuals and legal entities throughout Switzerland
  • Tax optimisation and planning
  • Tax returns for commercially related entities based abroad
  • Representation towards tax authorities
  • Tax deducted at source, land and property taxes
  • Capital gains tax, stamp duty
  • VAT
  • Expenses regulations
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Professional, external payroll services and accounting simultaneously promotes trust among staff while reducing the workload of management.

  • Create and manage payroll accounts
  • Create employment contracts, termination notices, references, etc.
  • Outsource executive salaries for major companies
  • Obtain work permits
  • Manage social security deductions, annual statements
  • Resolve employment law problems, e.g. holidays, overtime, sickness, redundancy
  • Tax at source returns
  • General payroll administration
  • Create expenses guidelines
  • Provide assistance in demanding job and requirement profiles
  • If you like we can set up the salary payments ready for you to approve in your online banking account
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We also sign off your figures, but with a critical eye for your added value.

  • Our licensed audit experts understand the strict standards of the Swiss audit watchdog.
  • Audit of annual financial statement as statutory auditor
  • Audit on instruction (formerly voluntary audit)
  • Audits with expert auditors
  • Special audits on instruction
  • Audit to IAS standards
  • Audit of charitable foundations and not-for-profit organisations
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We protect you legally and strategically.

  • Administration of estates/execution of wills
  • Organisation and holding of AGMs and board meetings
  • Adoption of board rulings
  • Telephone service with or without dedicated telephone number
  • Granting of domicile/registered office
  • Administration of associations, charitable foundations and seat on supervisory board
  • Secretarial services
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A critical assessment of the present and the future.

  • Succession planning/corporate transactions
  • Commercial or financial queries
  • Forensic analysis of your accounts for signs of manipulation or fraud
  • Establish controlling systems, treasury and cash management systems
  • Start-up advisory services
  • Business plan
  • Voluntary and obligatory powers of attorney for seniors
  • Administrative support for seniors
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We know the rules of the game. And we act in your best interest.

  • Company valuation
  • Pre-sale due diligence
  • Create sales prospectuses (information memorandum)
  • Due diligence on takeover target
  • Support during negotiations and right up until the deal is concluded
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Own, acquire and sell property – discreetly and without any stresses or uncertainties.

  • Property management
  • Property accounting
  • Service charges
  • Rent control (collection)
  • Seek offers
  • Property taxes
  • Assist in the purchase or sale of property


We would be happy to inform you about our current offers. Please contact us.

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Fair advice for senior citizens and their relatives

The complexity of many everyday questions is simply an insurmountable hurdle for many older people. It is difficult to keep a clear overview and stay up to date with the latest affairs. 
By seeking professional advice early, you can avoid unnecessary stress and save a great deal of ex-pense. This is especially true for matters concerning estate planning and taking care of everyday ad-ministrative tasks.

Our services include: 
• Helping to manage payment transfers
• Checking the reimbursement of doctors' fees and medical costs
• Fiduciary representation in tax and banking matters
• Correspondence with social insurance schemes, public authorities and official bodies,
   KESB etc.

Let us provide you with timely and professional advice

Addressing questions of inheritance requires a deep level of trust and a professional consultation should be sought while still in prime mental health.

Our services include:
• Execution of final will and testament
• Shared settlement advice for:
• Power of attorney with deposit
• Living will
• Testament

We offer the individual family office solution for HNIs

Legal and tax counselling, financial planning, residency in Switzerland, establishing and managing trusts, holdings, acquiring and managing property and a range of other services are available at your request.

Our services include:
• Financial and administration concierge
• Independent financial advice
• Savings with asset issues

Our industry expertise pays off

Self-employed medical practitioners and related professions have special needs and requirements. Regulations and statutory obligations can make life unnecessarily difficult for professionals in this industry. 
With a sense for what truly matters, we support and advise doctors, dentists, professors, therapists, nursing homes, health centres and clinics as well as their tenants and operators with any questions they may have.

Our services include:
• Foundation, financing, planning
• Payroll accounting for your practice
• Tax, provisional and general insurance
• Industry-specific accounting


Unfortunately we do not have any vacancies at this time.

Submit a speculative application

Unfortunately we do not have any vacancies at this time.

Submit a speculative application

Unfortunately we do not have any vacancies at this time.

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Unfortunately we do not have any vacancies at this time.

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For over 25 years we have been offering interns and apprentices a route into a professional career. We look forward to receiving your application.

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Trustworthiness, professionalism and compassion are the principles by which we live. As our client, you can rely on these qualities in addition to the expertise of our staff. Our services are even available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin.

As an owner-managed trust company, we assist you in all financial matters, whether as a private indi-vidual or a small or medium-sized enterprise. Together with you, we develop solutions that bring you real benefits, quality and added value (protection against tax catastrophes, tax optimisation, difficulties with the authorities). 

Special fields are covered through partnerships and our wide network of lawyers, notaries, insurance experts, banking experts and IT specialists.

„Customer focus, ultimate discretion, professional expertise and the human touch all form part of our everyday working life.“

Ariane and Thomas Laeuchli, Managing Directors of Dufour Treuhand AG


Ariane Laeuchli

Managing Director

Trustee, certified financial planner

Tel. +41 61 560 88 88ariane.laeuchli@dufour-treuhand.ch

Thomas Laeuchli

Managing Director

Lic. oec. HSG, certified auditor

Tel. +41 61 560 88 88thomas.laeuchli@dufour-treuhand.ch

Werner Regli


Certified Accountant

Tel. +41 61 560 88 88werner.regli@dufour-treuhand.ch

Christine Hess

Authorised Signatory

Certified Commercial Clerk

Tel. +41 61 560 88 88christine.hess@dufour-treuhand.ch

Jürgen Zimmermann

Authorised Signatory

B. A. in Business and Economics

Tel. +41 61 560 88 88juergen.zimmermann@dufour-treuhand.ch




Every year we support one or more charitable institutions from the Basel region. In addition to this work, we also join forces with five other companies to organise a Christmas concert in the Pauluskirche, ending in a collection. 
In previous years we have been able to support the following institutions:

  • Avatarkids, robot "Nao" represents children with cancer during their absence from school
  • Münchenstein therapeutic school, ski bob course for children in wheelchairs
  • Pro UKBB Foundation, equipping a playroom
  • Dreamteam, FC Old Boys football team for disabled children
  • Basel Göttibatze Action
  • Residential home for young people with severe mental and physical disabilities, Schützenmattstrasse, Basel
  • Kinder im Schatten [Children in the Shadows], supporting disadvantaged children
  • Drei-König-Fonds [Three Kings Fund], supporting disabled children in Basel
  • Kannenfeld Werkstätten Residential Home
  • QuBA Foundation
  • Melchior Foundation
  • Jufa Residential Home, Arnold Böcklin-Strasse, Basel
  • Tischlein Deck Dich [The Wishing Table]
  • And many more